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  • Cookbook Author of two cookbooks, focusing on simple family-friendly meals that can be done in a matter of minutes..

  • Food Blogger and recipe creator since 2008 at MyKitchenEscapades.com

  • Leadership Development Facilitator for Breaking Bread, the food-based leadership program helping cultivate employee engagement since 2013.

  • Achieve total clarity about where your family is now and how you are going to successfully move forward to create lasting change.

  • The Family Dinner Blueprint

    Create a flexible, real-life meal, prep, and clean-up plan that is personalized to exactly what your family needs.

  • The Week of Magic

    After all your hard work, this week is pure fun as your family is armed with total confidence to implement everything you have built.

  • Touch Up Your Finishes

    Celebrate your success and touch up your processes so every week runs smoother than the one before.

TAKE 5 is the innovative, time-saving approach for making a delicious and healthy dinner every night! 



Bake 5 pounds of chicken, cut it up, and then for the next week, transform it into quick and yummy dinners. Includes 4 weeks of menus, printable shopping lists, and family friendly recipes everyone will love.

My Kitchen Escapades

Ready to Have Some FUN?

Business dinners can be boring and oh, so awkward. Breaking Bread is a food-based leadership development program that is so innovative and off-beat that your team won’t be able to stop talking about it. This fast-paced program utilizes food and cooking to cultivate employee engagement and build relationships. If you’re interested in your team experiencing this completely unique learning experience, drop me an email so we can set up a time to chat!

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Carole's love language is hot, crusty bread but her two grandchildren are a close second.

Yes, second. Don't judge. 

Raising 6 children takes a lot of carbs.


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